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Schools / Departments
and their Undergraduate Programs

    Department of Mathematics
    1. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    2. Information and Computer Sciences

    School of Physical Engineering
    1. Physics
    2. Applied Physics
    3. Observation and Control Techniques and Instrument
    4. Electronic Science and Technology
    5. Electronic Information Science and Technology

    Department of Chemistry
    1. Chemistry °(National Base of Science¸)
    2. Applied Chemistry

    Department of Bio-engineering
    1. Biotechnology

    School of Mechanical Engineering
    1. Mechanical Engineering and Automation
    2. Industrial Design
    3. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

    School of Electric Engineering
    1. Automation
    2. Electric Engineering and Automation
    3. Biomedical Engineering

    School of Information Engineering
    1. Electronic Information Engineering
    2. Communicational Engineering
    3. Computer Science and Technology

    School of Material Science and Engineering
    1. Material Science and Engineering
    2. Material Shaping and Control Engineering
    3. Polymer Materials and Engineering
    4. Packing Engineering

    School of Chemical Engineering
    1. Chemical Engineering and Technology
    2. Process Equipment and Control Engineering
    3. Medicine-making Engineering
    4. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
    5. Environmental Science
    6. Safety Engineering (System Security Oriented)

    School of Civil Engineering
    1. Civil Engineering
    2. Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering

    School of Environment and Water Conservancy Engineering
    1. Environmental Engineering
    2. Water Conservation and Hydropower Engineering
    3. Water-supply and Drainage Engineering
    4. Geographical Information System

    School of Architecture
    1. Architecture
    2. Urban Planning
    3. Artistic Design (Environmental Artistic Design Oriented)

    Department of Management Engineering
    1. Industrial Engineering
    2. Engineering Management
    3. Electronic Commerce
    4. Logistics Management

    Department of Engineering Mechanics
    1. Engineering Mechanics
    2. Safety Engineering (Equipment and Safety of Structure oriented)

    School of Basic Medicine

    School of Public Health
    1. Preventive Medicine

    Department of Clinical Medicine
    1. Clinical Medicine (five-year program)
    2. Clinical Medicine (seven-year program)
    3. Medical Iconography
    4. Anesthesiology
    5. Clinical

    Department of Medicine Laboratory Science
    1. Medical Laboratory Science

      No.1 Clinical Medical School

      No.2 Clinical Medical School

      No.3 Clinical Medical School

    School of Stomatology
    1. Stomatology

    Department of Pharmacy
    1. Pharmacy
    2. Pharmaceutical Preparation

    School of Nursing
    1. Nursing

    School of Liberal Arts
    1. Chinese Language and Literature
    2. International Chinese Language

    School of Journalism and Communication
    1. Journalism
    2. Science of Advertisement
    3. Science of Radio and Television Journalism

    Department of Physical Education
    1. Physical Education

    Department of Music
    1. Music and Performance
    2. Musicology

    Department of Fine Arts
    1. Painting
    2. Artistic Design
    3. Sculpture

    School of History
    1. Archaeology
    2. History (Experimental Program of Humanities)

    School of Foreign Languages
    1. English
    2. Japanese
    3. Russian
    4. German

    School of Public Management

    1. Philosophy
    2. Social Work
    3. Administration
    4. Public Affairs Management

    School of Law
    1. Law
    School of Business

    1. Business Administration
    2. Economics
    3. International Economy and Trade
    4. Financial Science
    5. Statistics
    6. Accounting

    School of Tourist Management
    1. Tourism Management

    Department of Information Management
    1. Information Management and Information System
    2. Library Science
    3. Archival Science

    School of Education
    1. Ideology and Political Science
    2. Applied Psychology
    3. Pedagogy

    School of Applied Science and Technology
    1. Electronic Information Engineering
    2. Clinical Medicine
    3. Human Resources Management
    4. Pedagogy (Modern Education Technology oriented)

    School of Software Technology

    School of International Education
    1. Clinical Medicine
    2. Chinese Language and Literature

    School of Distance Learning

    School of Adult Education

    School of City Planning and Designing


    Shengda Business Management College of Zhengzhou University
    Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University
    SIAS International Business Management College of Zhengzhou University

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