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Apply Online for Admission in Zhengzhou University

Entry Requirements
A non-Chinese citizen of age between 18 and 25;

  • With an educational background equal to high school graduation;
  • Healthy, no infectious or  mental diseases;
  • With no criminal record;
  • IELTS score reaches 6.0 or TOEFL iBT score reaches 80 or equivalence;
  • Pass High school graduation test or the university entrance exam with minimum percentage of marks
    that reach our lowest standard (for detailed information, please contact us)
Course Length of schooling Closing date Teaching language

Tuition Fee

MBBS in English (6 years)
(Bachelor Program)
6 Years Aug.30 2017 English 35,000

How to Apply for Enrolment ?

 On Line

1)   All students must send scanned copies of all their educational certificates
A Levels, O Levels, GCSC, FSC or equivalent.

2)   Completed application form

3)    Scanned copies of passport (If available)

4)    Application processing fee $500 

Please apply well before the deadline


1. Choose your program carefully


2. Apply early

  • Places are limited. Submit your application as early as possible, at least 4 months before the semester starts. Application with scholarship should be even earlier.
  • Some programs have specific closing dates - please check the program page for details
    • The application period is from April to August each year.
    • For MBBS program, the application period is from April to September each year.
    • For Chinese Language degree program, the application period is from May to August; for non degree program, candidate can apply at any time.
  • Apply through a CISC ZZU registered agent

Late applications - If your application arrives after the dates above, your application will automatically be processed for the following intake. You will be advised accordingly.


3. Complete the application form

  • Download the application form for international students
  • Indicate your program(s) of choice and major (if known)
  • Email the School of International Education to see if there is additional information or documentation you need to supply
  • Check that you have:
    • Completed all sections in full
    • Signed and dated the application form for international students (application form is invalid if not signed and dated); and
    • Included all the following required certified documentation:
  1. Photocopy of your valid passport.
  2. Photocopy of your High School Diploma or Degree, if you are graduates of the year, you may provide us the pre-graduation certification in Chinese or English.
  3. Complete transcript of your high school or undergraduate, original or the notarized copy.
  4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner, original or the notarized copy.
  5. Non-criminal record, original or the notarized copy.

Note: Please submit the photocopies of these documents. All these documents will not be returned.

  • Incomplete information will slow down the application process


4. Submit your application


5. We acknowledge your application

  • We will send you an acknowledgement email/letter when we have received your application
  • We will contact you if you have not supplied all the required information or we need more information from you


6. We assess your application

  • We assess your application to ensure you have met the entry criteria for the programme(s) you are applying for
  • We consider your academic history and relevant experience to make sure you can succeed in your programme
  • Processing times (guide only actual times vary according to programme): 1 week for undergraduate applications, 4 weeks for postgraduate applications
  • Incomplete applications will take longer to process


7. You find out if your application has been accepted

  • We issue you Zhengzhou University Admission Notice ( which includes information about tuition and other compulsory fees, insurance, when and how to pay your fees), Visa Application for Study in China and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner .
  • If you applied through a registered agent all correspondence will be sent to them.


8. Visa application

  • After receiving the admission documents, you may take them to the local Embassy or Consulate of China to apply for visa to China.


9. Registration

  • You can take your Zhengzhou University Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to School of International Education, Zhengzhou University to register within the time limitation on the Admission Notice. We check your original documents of your latest Academic Certificate and Transcripts. If these documents are not the same as what you provide us when you applied, we will cancel your enrollment eligibility.


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