Pay only US$1225 every 6 months from 2nd year onward. Includes Tuition, Hostel and Registration fee.

Fee Structure

Tuition fee: 17500 RMB (ApproxUS$2500)  per year

Please note! The standard tuition fee is 35000rmb per year, but it has been subsidized for under developed countries to 17500rmb

Hostel fee: 3500 RMB (Approx US $ 500) per year
Administration fee: 22700 RMB (Approx US $ 3200)per year
Total first year fee:

43700RMB  ( Approx US$ 6333) to be paid when the student visa has been approved by the Chinese Embassy but before student comes to our university. This fee includes tuition and hostel fee for first year, registration fee, admin fee, local transportation and other forms and visa formalities etc. Please note! the fee of $6333 do not include fees mentioned below

In the first year the students will have to pay many other fees beside the tuition, hostel and administration. Below is approximate amount which must be paid. Some has to be paid before coming to the university and some when the student arrives in China.

Medical insurance

600 RMB ( Approx US$ 80) to be paid. in China and every year to renew the medical insurance

Medical check up

400RMB  ( Approx US$ 55) to be paid in China, only first year

Residence permit

700RMB  ( Approx US$ 100 to be paid in China and every year when the permit is renewed

Food expense

8000RMB  ( Approx US$ 1200) this is about 20 RMB per day. This is kept by the student and spent as and when needed.

Pocket money

6000RMB  ( Approx US$ 1000) This is kept by the student and spent as and when needed.

Books 600RMB (approx US100)

Note: Do not deposit any University Fee to any agent or even CISC except Student Consultancy Fee.  Students are advised to submit their University Fee directly to the University in China.

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The scholarship will be provided based on the average marks per year, punctuality and on the character and behavior of students. The scholarship will be limited to the 3 top best students per year. The scholarship will be as follows, for first best student 100% exemption of tuition fee. For second best student 75% exemption of tuition fee. For third best student 50% exemption of tuition fee.

The scholarship is for each academic year. Scholarships do not include reduction in hostel fee.

Hostel Facilities

  • Telephone.
  • Bed clothing.
  • Internet point.
  • Study table with a chair.
  • Single bed for each student.
  • Room central heating system.
  • Nice and well furnished rooms.


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