The Hebei Polytechnic University Library was set up in September of 1958. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed and all the volumes of it were burned into ashes during the great earthquake in Tangshan in July 1976. By the April of 1982, it was reconstructed and enlarged into 4900 square meters. By the joint efforts of Hong Kong enterpriser Mr. Shao Yifu who had donated 5 millions and the university itself who had raised 35 millions, the library was expanded in December 2003. Now it has a floor space of nearly 20000 square meters and provides more than 1500 seats for patrons and over 400 seats in electric library. Composed with 5 book reading and borrowing sections, 2 electric reading rooms, computer searching section, lounge and service department, the library has 98 hours for openness in a week and is capable to provide more than 1million readers in a year.

At present, the library holds a rich collection of books and journals amounting to 1,750,000 volumes, which cover a broad range of subjects including the humanities, social sciences and management, but mainly focuses on natural science, and engineering and technology. The library later made substantial progress in modernized management and service. An advanced and fairly complete information infrastructure has been formed. In recent years, an increasing number of electronic resources and virtual resources have been made available in the Library or online. The library has a comprehensive operating system with a variety of sources: students may find information through the network resources and various online databases including Wanfang data site, Tsinghua data site, VIP data site, and other English databases such as SpringerLink and WSPS. Besides, it also provides students and faculty with the literature and information searching services via the campus network. These form an information system that is open, multi-level, efficient and service-oriented. All the resources on the net are full-time open to the teachers and students.

Moreover, the staff in the library is well qualified. Among them 36 have a bachelor degree and 19 master degrees.

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