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Chinese Student Information:

The contents of this site provide information to students currently enrolled at Hebei Polytechnic University, who wish to study in a foreign country as part of their degree programme.

Why go abroad to study?

Quite simply it is a fantastic opportunity to study!

There is no denying that it is harder to get the job that you want when you graduate. Participating on an international exchange programme will give your CV a quality that others may not have, an international perspective and experience that will be very attractive to a potential employer when you are competing for employment with other graduates.

Student Exchange is a fun, adventurous challenge that will have you meeting new people, seeing new places, and enjoying a new and stimulating change of pace. The new interplay between your studies and your daily experiences will provide you with a way to better understand the changing world around you, and the means to weave those insights into the choices you make for the future.

  • Enhance your sense of independence and self confidence.
  • Gain an international dimension and a global perspective in your major
  • Expand your career choices and clarify your goals. (It is a big, wide world out there, and there are opportunities that you have not even imagined!)
  • Explore the role that you can play in the global community.
  • Increase your understanding of other cultures and get a different perspective on your own culture and behaviour.
  • Get to know native students, host families, and townspeople and immerse yourself in the life of the host country.
  • Enjoy new and different activities that are native to the host country.
  • Sharpen interpersonal and communication skills through interacting with people from very different backgrounds.
  • Improve your ability to use a foreign language.
  • Meet people that share your interest in the world, travel, and discovery, and like you, have done something about it!

The Foreign Affairs Department of the University offers Exchange Programme opportunities in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • England
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • NZ
  • USA

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