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Brief Introduction to Shihezi University

Shihezi-University-ChinaShihezi University is located in Shihezi city –the Garden City north of the Tianshan Mountains in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The University, a new comprehensive university, began with Shihezi Medical College founded in 1949. In April 1996 the four colleges Shihezi Medical College, Shihezi Agricultural College, Wujiaqu Economic College and Kuitun Teachers’ College previously controlled by China’s Ministry of Agriculture, were combined to form Shihezi University.

The University is a key university designated by China's government to be constructed in the western China, and a university to which Peking University offers direct and all-round aid. The University has formed a fine tradition of "Arduous Struggle, Strict Education, Truthfulness, and Innovation" in its operation and management.

The University has 2,235 staff. There are 1,144 full-time teachers including a specially-engaged academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 499 professors and associate professors, 28 experts and scholars receiving outstanding achievement awards at national and provincial (ministerial) level, and 60 distinguished experts and scholars receiving special subsidies from the Government. The student population of Shihezi University is currently 22,277, including 13,659 undergraduates, 432 postgraduates, 48 foreign students. The students come from 29 provinces and regions. The University offers ten specialties Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering, Economy and Trade, Management, the Arts, Sciences, Education, Law and History. It has 17 colleges, with 3 Doctoral programs, 31 Master's programs, 49 Bachelor's programs, and 11 key disciplines of the Ministry of Agriculture, the XPCG and Xinjiang. It also has two key laboratories supported and constructed by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Group (XPCG), and has twenty-six research institutions and 5 publicly-issued academic journals.

The University is equipped with the most updated teaching and scientific research facilities. It has a well-equipped library, a large modern gymnasium, a multi-functional stadium and teaching buildings. The University Covers1, 732, 000 square meters. It has1 732 000 square meters of building, and the area of its laboratories is 148,000 square meters.

The Shihezi University Library (YiFu Library) is well-known for its wide-ranging book collection and modernized service system. There is a book collection spot of UN's Food and Agriculture Organization in it. The library has a collection of 1,930,000 Chinese and foreign books and periodicals, and is only a model project in Xinjiang, as university digital libraries in national High-tech Project 863.


The University lays great emphasis on a domestic and international educational and academic exchange and cooperation. It has established such relations with universities in the US, Canada, UK, France, Japan, South Korea, etc. and has also carried out an all- round exchange and cooperation or doctoral education with many famous universities, such as Peking University, Chinese Agriculture University, Nankai University, Wuhan University, X一?'an JiaoTong University, Shandong Agriculture University, and Nanjing Agriculture University. There are more than 50 experts and professors abroad and at home, who are engaged as part-time professors in the University.

Shihezi University persists in the integration of production, teaching and research and has made achievements by taking advantage of its comprehensive university and cooperating in large numbers. 85 monographs and 5,792 papers have been published, 132 provincial awards have been won and 15 patents have been received since l998. Shihezi University has undertaken 230 projects at the state, provincial and XPCG level and 246 projects offered by companies. Shihezi University has made prominent achievements in High-quality and High-yield of Xinjiang Crops, Sheep Heredity Improvement and Disease Control, Disease Prevention and Cure of Xinjiang Minorities, and Modern Agro-Economy and Regional Ethnology Study.

At present Shihezi University is entering into a new stage of its historical development and marching on to its goal to become a nationally and internationally renowned university with vitality and distinctive character.

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