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FEE Structure


F.SC / A-level or Equilvalent (60% Pre-Medical)




4.5 Years + 1 Year Internship in own country



Tuition Fee:

20,000 Yuan per Year





Admin Fee: (One Time Charges)

17000 RMB first year only; includes the following:


University Admission fee, Ministry of Education JW202 visa fee, Medical Check in China (for 1st year), Medical Insurance (for first year only), Residence permit (for first year only) and other university’s administrative charges.




NO Admin Charges From Pakistani Students


Please note that beside tuition and hostel fee, the students must have to pay other nominal fees as describe below:


1) Application Processing fee: USD$100 (2) JW202 visa issuance fee: $150


3) Registration fee in the university $50 (4) Medical check up: up to 600 RMB


5) Medical insurance :upto 600 RMB per year (6) Residence permit: 800 RMB per Year



University Hostel:

Yuan 5,000 per year per student


(Two Students Sharing). All rooms have TV, Telephone, Heating & Lighting, Chair & Study Table, Attached Bathroom, Bed Clothing and Cupboard etc.

Note: Do not deposit any University Fee to any agent or even CISC except Student Consultancy Fee.  Students are advised to submit their University Fee directly to the University in China.

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