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North China University of Science and Technology formerly named Hebei United University & North China Coal Medical University (NCCMU)

Fee Structure

North China  University  of  Science and Technology formerly named Hebei United University & NCCMU is a government university recognized by both the Chinese government and the WHO. The medical degree can be recognized by MCI, MMC, NMC, WHO, USMEL. The below table is MBBS Fee Structure.


Basic information about MBBS in Hebei United University

Teaching Language: English

Duration: 6 years

Tuition fee (Medicine):

15,000 CNY Per Year.

Application Fee 400 CNY

Hostel fee:

5000 CNY  /Year
2500 CNY  /Semester

The students will have to pay CISC Admission Process Fee of USD 500 and following fees each year beside tuition and hostel. Below is approximate amount.

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Medical insurance

600 CNY to be paid. in China and every year to renew the medical insurance

Medical check up

400 CNY  to be paid in China, only first year

Residence permit

800 CNY  to be paid in China and every year when the permit is renewed

Food expense

8000 CNY this is about 20 RMB per day. This is kept by the student and spent as and when needed.

Pocket money

6000 CNY This is kept by the student and spent as and when needed.


approx US100


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Rewards & Scholarship for low income countries

The scholarship will be provided based on the average marks per year, punctuality and on the character and behavior of students. The scholarship will be limited to the best students. The scholarship is for each academic year. Scholarships do not include reduction in hostel fee.,



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