Fee Structure for MBBS at Chengde Medical University since 14/12/2009 It may change without any prior notice.

100 CNY Chinese Yuan/RMB Ren Ming Bi =14.50 USD

Check the current exchange rate

Tuition Fee
per academic year

CNY/RMB 16,000

Hostel/Accommodation Fee
Dormitery Double Room Accommodation per bed per year
(two share one room)

CNY/RMB 3,500

Application fee (First year only)


Physical Examination Fee (First year only)

Teaching materials: in accordance with the actual price of teaching materials to pay (About USD 150/Year)



Residence Permit / Year


Medical Insurance:
According to the regulations of the State Ministry of Education,
applicants need accident and injury insurance and hospitalization
insurance in China.CDMU will purchase the insurance for the students and renew the insurance every year.


Check the current exchange rate

CISC Admission Process Fee of USD 500.

University do not charge any electricity Charges or any other fund.

There is no additional examination fee or any other sort of charges by University.

Rewards & Scholarship

First best student will be given      RMB 10,000
Second best student will be given  RMB 5,000
Third best student will be given     RMB 3,000

Hostel Facilities

  • Telephone.
  • Bed clothing.
  • Internet point.
  • Study table with a chair.
  • Single bed for each student.
  • Room central heating system.
  • A nice and well furnished room for two or four students.

  • Application and Admission

    Eligibility :  Admission Requirements
    1.  Applicants should have a good school record and be in good health.
    2.  Applicants for degree programs are required to have an education equivalent to, or higher than, that for a Chinese senior middle school graduate; age 18-30.

    International students must pass the HSK Test to achieve the appropriate level of Chinese to begin professional studies. Learning Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine professional to achieve HSK6 level, other professions to HSK3 level. For those who do not meet the standard of Chinese language, they must take a one-year Chinese tuition after entering the university. After passing the corresponding level of HSK3/6, they will transfer to professional study. Fee CNY 11,000 for 1 Year.

    Documents needed (by email, fax, post or submit directly to Chengde Medical University)
    1.  Application form for foreigners wishing to study in Chengde Medical University
    2.  Passport copy
    3.  Diploma of the Most Advanced Studies(Notarized photocopy)
    4.  Transcript of the Most Advanced Studies ( Notarized Photocopy)
    5.  Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy)
    6.  Finance Certificate
    7.  HSK certificate
    8.  No-criminal Certificate

     An Admission Notice and a Visa Application Form for Overseas Students (Form JW202) will be sent to each successful applicant. Overseas applicants can apply for an X visa (for foreign students) to China at their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the Admission Notice, passport, Form JW202 and Physical Test Records (originals) required. Each student should register for the course at the CDMU bringing the originals of the above documents with them within the specified time.
    Time for register at CDMU
    March or September

    Contat us for admission inquiries.

    For Admission contact online CISC